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We are living in a time where economic inequality and social injustice continue to exist. There are disparities in terms of employment rates, housing conditions, and access to education. I have been fighting the evils of discrimination for over fifty years, but the struggle continues after all this time. Yet, I have hope. My hope is that our work continues.

Over the years, Rainbow PUSH has remained committed to the core tenants of social justice, economic equality, human rights and advocacy, and education. Through our programs, we have helped tens of thousands. Today, these ideas are more important than ever and, at this time, we ask for your support, especially in the last few months of 2019.

I am inviting you to make a gift to ensure our mission continues. Although all gifts are welcome, I ask you to consider $75 or more. One of our staff even suggested giving $108 as my birthday was on October 8. Whatever you can do, your support is appreciated, valued, and will make a difference. Although I have seen great change in our world, I recognize that there are inequalities which still need to be addressed. On behalf of all people who fight to protect civil rights, social justice, and equality for all, I thank you for supporting our cause and making a difference in this world. We can fight together. We can Keep Hope Alive!

-Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.